There is just something about Duncan  that is unmistakable - he has a "presence"  about him that defies description but you know there is something about him that makes him special.  He knows it too.



 As a youngster and to this day, he never misses a quick side-glance  in a mirror as if he is checking himself out.  He can be stand-offish and indifferent or incredibly endearing. He gives very few kisses but when he does  they are gentle and soft.  He is beautiful to look at... his head looks like a brick;  he is square as a box -- a description of him reads like the miniature schnauzer breed standard.   Even out of focus pictures of him look fantastic.    Once you see him ---there's just something about this boy that takes your breath away.....



Duncan, Best of Winners, Perry Georgia at 15 months





Taking BOW  and a 5 point Major under Judge Rick Chashoudian at the Atlanta Terrier Specialty.








  Best of Breed and a Group 2 at Maury County March  2006.... his debut as a Special and MORE to come!







Best of Breed in Newnan in April 2006 as a young man!





                                                    AND   PRODUCING   CHAMPION   PROGENY..............





                Duncan's son

  CH  R-Bo's Great Expectations